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It is so important to remember that each child is unique. Each child develops at their own pace, therefore no two children's milestones will be achieved at exactly the same time. When using this checklist, one should remember to give a two to three months leeway to either side of the time frame given (e.g if it says that a child has to walk when they are one year old, it can mean that the child may start walking when he is 9 months or even 15 months old).
When a child has developmental delays, it is recommended that he receives therapy: speech therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy or which ever kind of therapy your pediatrician recommends.
This book also contains age-appropriate stimulation activities. It is not a standardised test, but a valuabe guideline for developmental milestones for the following milestones/areas:
  • Activities of daily living
  • Cognitive skills
  • Playing
  • Coordination
  • Grasp and hand function
  • Body concept
  • Form concept
  • Size concept
  • Working with beads
  • Drawing / painting
  • Picture-reading
  • Writing
  • Sleeping
  • Senses
  • Teeth

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