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An extremely popular and useful range of cd's that assists with those projects and assignments that just never seem to end! Doing research has never been this much fun! This range consists of 6 cd's - with each cd addressing various topics.

These cd's are aimed at younger learners who need to find information for their projects. The cd's are easy to use and contains informative material - exactly what kids need. Kids Cd is so much fun to use, that kids will be motivated to use the cd's even if they do not have to do research for a project.

The ability to do research is an important skill that has to be established from an earl an age as possible. The sooner kids can do research on their own, the sooner Mom will not be required to do all the research. Establish the habit of doing research at an early age, with this range of cd's.


Antarktika - Antarctica

Suid-Afrika – South Africa

Europa - Europe

Australië - Australia

Buurstate van SA - Neighbours

Antieke Wonders – Ancient Wonders


Wilde Diere – Wild Animals

Insekte - Insects

Paddas - Frogs

Reptiele - Reptiles

Voëls - Birds

Spinnekoppe - Spiders


Water - Water

Elektrisiteit - Electricity

Plante - Plants

Vervoermiddels - Transportation

Magnetisme - Magnetism

Kleure - Colours

Vulkane - Volcanoes

Die Weer - Weather

Planete - Planets




Hoofrekene - Arithmetic

Nommerkleure – Number Colours

Tyd - Time

Breuke - Fractions

Tafels - Tables


Menslike Liggaam – Human Body

Oog - Eye

Oor - Ear

Neus - Nose

Vel - Skin


abc skryf – abc write

ABC skryf – ABC write

Nommers - Numbers

Nommerkleure – Number Colours

Vorms - Shapes

Tekenpret – Drawing for Kids

Splat! Inkleur – Splat! Colour

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