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Each work program has been written to match the official school syllabus. 

KipMEMathsExpert has a "MY PACE" option which allows the student access to all the topics within their selected work program.  This means the student can select any topic to work on and learn.  Students can work through the topics at their own pace and practise as much as needed or any given topic.

"KIP PACE" mode ia a guided mode of learning.  The program guides the student through the topics in order and in order of difficulty of the questions.  A group of five questions for the set topic is presented.  As the student correctly answers the questions presented he is automatically moved to the next topic.  If the student gets the question incorrect he is presented with additional questions on the same topic until that concept is learned.

Once all topics in a particular topic sub-folder are completed the student completes an Achievement Test that contains revision material from the previously answered topics.

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