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Language:        Bilingual (Afrikaans and English)


If spelling or reading is a problem, then Academix is the answer. This is an excellent resource to help with spelling, a variety of reading skills, reading speed, concentration, comprehension and memory. It is a comprehensive programme that follows the same principles as those that are followed in remedial and reading clinics country-wide.


As a bonus, the programme includes:

  • Plurals
  • Diminutives
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Word construction
  • Sentence construction
  • Word Sums (Yes! Children often struggle with word sums because they are unable to analyse and interpret the questions correctly!)

Academix is not meant to teach your child HOW TO READ. In other words, basic readings skills such as the alphabet etc must already be mastered. Using Academix will however, allow children to perform better in all of their subjects, as reading is such a basic component of academic performance.

The following is included:

  • Determine reading speed
  • Window-reading
  • Reading line-by-line
  • Full page reading
  • Spelling and word construction exercises
  • Concentration and memory exercises
  • The facility to edit and add your own reading lessons
  • Eight different reading techniques
  • Eye-span and eye-movement exercises.

Each reading session is followed with a comprehensive test. The program automatically stores the reader’s reading speed and comprehension test results.

The difficulty level and content of the lessons have been categorized according to grade-level.

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