More Info - Academix Developmental Reading - Gr.1-7

Description of the programme:

This is a visual perception and reading development programme. The following areas are addressed:

  • Visual Discrimination

  • Sequencing

  • Analysis and Synthesis

  • Concentration

  • Read techniques

  • Memory

  • Comprehension

  • Letter recognition

  • Spelling

  • Grammatical concepts such as Plurals, Diminutive Form, Sinonyms and Antonyms.

  • Word Construction

  • Sentence Construction

Educational principles underlying this programme:

Academix does not aim to teach learners how to read (there are other programmes availalbe through Zentium, that will assist with is). It is also not exclusively a reading development program. Rather, it is a bilingual educational programme that aims to assist learners in all of their subjects, as reading is such a basic fundemental skill, with which academix achievement is not possible. Academix therefore provides the opportunity for all learners, of all ages to develop the skills required to process academix information. This programme is often used by adults as well! Reading lessons have been graded according to age and subjects of interest. It can be used as an instrument to rectify reading problems or as a reading development program.

Reading techniques included in Academix:

  • Assess reading speed

  • Window reading

  • Line-reading

  • Full page reading

  • Spelling & word construction

  • Concentration & memory activities

  • The facility for teachers and parents to edit/add new reading lessons.

  • A variety of 8 reading techniques

  • Eye span exercises

  • Eye movement exercises

Following each reading lesson, the learner automatically receives a comprehension test. Comprehension questions have been formulated on three cognitive levels.  The results of the reading speed and comprehension exercise, is stored in a data base for future reference.

The main menu is user-friendly and contains the following choices for the learner to choose from:

  • Fun with colour

  • Fun with shapes

  • Fun with pictures

  • Fun with letters

  • Fun with numbers

  • Fun with words

  • Fun with sentences

  • Fun with stories


Academix also contain a huge variety of games that are actually based on reading principles!


System Requirements:

Windows 98/2000/XP Pentium III, 128mB RAM, CD-drive, Windows compatible mouse & sound card, 800x600 screen resolution, 200mB hard disk space.

Installing and Unlocking the Programme:

This is done done telephonically or via e-mail. Phone the number that appears on your screen. Telehponic support for Academix is available from 9h00 to 13h00.

Feedback from clients:

"We enjoy the programme tremendously (sometimes even more than the children!). I load their spelling test as a reading lesson, which they can learn in the afternoon while I'm at work! It works very well for us!"  Anneke"  (February 2009)


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