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Dina is an irresistible programme for pre-school children!

This program is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years (actually, from the moment they can use the computer's mouse). It addresses the alphabet, numerical skills and perceptual skills. The programme also contains:

  • A mouse tutor

  • A large variety of educational games

  • An activity where children may compose their own music in the jungle.

Dina Dinosaur takes your child on the most wonderful adventures. The child is allowed to experience the various benefits of multi media applications. Sound and animations keep the child's attention focussed to the learning process and therefore ensures that maximum results are achieved. The learning process with this product is so much fun, that the child is mostly unaware of the fact the he/she is actually learning! 

This product was developed with the aim of allowing your child to work on his/her own, at his/her own pace, without adult assistance. The programme also facilitates self discovery, which is a key element in outcomes based education. Dina Dinosaur is aimed at the formative years of toddlers. This has been done in a fun and interactive manner and will give the young child, who has just embarked on a school career, a huge academic advantage. 

The programme is divided into three sections, namely the Alphabet (literacy), Numbers (numeracy) and Perceptual Skills. Every lesson is followed up with an activity from the printable work book. The latter is an essential part of the learning process, as it allows the child practically apply what has just been learned. 

This part of the program is where children learn how to count, as well as how to write numbers. A heavy emphasis is also put on the comprehension of numbers. To achieve this, Dina take children to a world under the sea, meeting many of the creatures living there. Informative learning is part of this process. 

In every lesson Dina takes the child to a different part of the globe. In the process the child learns the alphabet, how to write each letter and how to pronounce the letters phonetically.

During their visit to the jungle, Dina helps children to master a variety of essential perceptual skills (which form an important part of school readiness). In the jungle the child will find a variety of shapes and colours. He will also be exposed to visual discrimination, categorization, rhyme words, opposites etc.


"Ek wil jou net laat weet dat my dogtertjie baie beindruk is met Dina. Sy speel so tussen een en een en 'n halwe uur non-stop op Dina, en sy lag heerlik vir sekere oefeninge. Gisteraand het sy my vertel, net voor sy gaan slaap het, van die oulike monsters wat sy op Dina met vorms voer, en dan na-aap sy hoe hulle praat. Daar is 'n memory game wat sy en haar pa speel en dan kyk wie kry die hoogste score. Dit is veral haar gunsteling en elke keer 'n uitdaging om te kyk of sy haar pa kan wen. Die program is regtig kindervriendelik en baie genotvol.Sy speel ook heeltemal onafhanklik op haar eie, waar ek altyd by ander soortgelyke programme moes help. Baie dankie vir die aanbeveling. Jy moet my asseblief laat weet as daar soortgelyke programme is. Ek voel regtg Dina is uit en uit die moeite werd, en jy kan dit maar altyd aanbeveel. Baie dankie vir julle uitstekende diens.  

Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XPPentium III, 256 MB Ram, 600 MB disk space on hard drive, graphics card, speakers & cd-rom.

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