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Tests and Evaluates: 
  • Eduss will test and evaluate the child's understanding of English for their specific year level.
  • The system is flexible and allows for the selection of test parameters, subject topics and pass rates.
  • Eduss will accurately identify the areas of English understood and, more importantly, what is not understood.


Show Problem Areas: 
  • Any specific problem areas are pin-pointed and can be addressed immediately.
  • Topic areas requiring a little more work are also identified.
  • It benefits your child by targeting and teaching problem areas.


Sets Learning Schedule: 
  • Eduss will compile a personal learning schedule for your child, addressing the problem areas highlighted by the automated evaluation test.
  • This benefits your child by setting a step-by-step schedule for them to follow.
  • This also benefits you by giving a step-by-step report on how each of your children is progressing individually.


Interactive Exercises: 
  • This function gives the student fully interactive audio and visual exercises until the pass level is reached as well as
  • allowing the introduction of new concepts.


Summary / Parent Reports: 
  • Eduss produces a full, summarized evaluation report, categorized by score or module, from weak to strong areas.
  • Reports can be viewed on screen or printed as required.  

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