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Modern English uses the ancient 26-letter Latin alphabet to spell the 42 fundamental sounds of the modern language. A phonetic language is one where one letter is represented by one sound and one sound is spelled by one letter. That is why English is NOT a phonetic language. In order to spell these 42 sounds with a 26-letter alphabet, many individual letters represent more than one sound.

10 most commonly used vowel sounds (the short and long sounds of each of "a", "e", "i" "o" and "u";

  • 2 vowel sounds of "y", e.g. cry and baby;
  • vowel sounds and their most common spellings;
  • consonant digraphs;
  • voiced consonant sounds;
  • hard and soft sounds;
  • hard and soft consonant sounds;
  • paired voiced and unvoiced consonants;
  • Etc.

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