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This extraordinary program systematically guides your child through the high school maths syllabus. The programme not only contains Algebra, but also Trichonometry, Geometry, Caculus, Compound Interest and Analytical Geometry.

Many references and examples:

  • Detailed answers to all questions. However, the answers will only be available once the child at least tried to do the sum!
  • No adult supervision is required.
  • The programme keeps record of every question the child worked on. It is therefore easy to see which areas might still need attention.
  • The graphical help-function allows you to draw straight lines, parabola, circles, hyperbola and a variety of other functions.
  • A submenu indicates which sections have been completed and which sections might still require revisiting.
  • A unique feature of The Maths Story, is the fact that it uses free format algebra. The programme is therefore able to assess ANY mathematically correct steps the learner may have used to solve his problem.


A comprehensive administrative system allows the parent/teacher to closely monitor the learner's progress. Progress reports can also be printed. Schools can keep records for an unlimited number of pupils.

System Requirements:

200 MHz processor, 64 Meg RAM, 200 Meg Hard drive space, Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista, Screen resolution 800x600, 16 bit True colours.

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