More Info - Mr Maths (Gr.8-12)

A bilingual audio-visual explanation of the RSA maths curriculum. This program offers innovative audio-visual technology, which is available 24/7. High school maths is explained step-by-step by a tutor using audio-visual technology.

The following areas are addressed:

  • Data (statistics, probability, data handling etc.)

  • Algebra (expressions, factoring, calculus, graphs, equations and more)

  • Numbers (series, fractions, exponents, logs etc.)

  • Geometry (congruency, similarity, circles, triangles, quads, areas, volumes etc.)

  • Trigonometry (expressions, factoring, calculus, graphs, equations and more)

  • Financial Maths (interests, growth & decay, currencies etc.)

  • Transformations (rotations, translations & more.)

The programme offers

  • Practical material

  • The learner can view, rewind, study and save the material. Material can be reviewed as often as you need.

  • For more personalized lessons, you can dial up for 1-on-1 live lessons with an e-tutor via skype.

What you can expect:

Step-by-step audio-visual explanation by your tutor by means of audio-visual technology. It is now so much easier to understand mathematical concepts!

Click here to view examples from the programme:


System requirements: Pentium III, 500 Mhz or more, 256MB Ram (recommended), 800MB hard disk space, CD-rom player; Win2000, XP / Vista, 16 bit sound card & speakers, headphones and mic. Internet is optional. It is not required that you have internet to use this programme, however, you will need an internet connection to use the e-tutor live assistance facility.


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