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Based on proven methods that will help your child to become an independent and self-directed learner through the development of various facets of learning skills. It contains hundreds of exercises at five levels of difficulty. The programme is controlled by an  'adaptive' learning system and is adjusted automatically as your child improves.

You will also notice that the programme not only helps your child to develop his learning skills, but also his hand-eye co-ordination and general computer skills.


  •  Maths: Multiplication (tables from x2 and x5), addition, subtraction (in dart game format) and division (teaches the principles of division).
  • Spelling: 950 words (4 - 10 letter words)

  • Memory: With sounds - hundreds of sequences, with pictures (tests in 5 rounds)

  • Reading: Rhymes and questions - 30 popular rhymes, Singular and plural words - 600 words, Read with comprehension - 150 statements.

  • Thinking: Lateral thinking - 50 mazes, Association - 300 pictures.

  • Progress report: Daily report, all year statistics, skills analysis. Stores data for more than one child.


Special Features of this cd:

  • 5-in-1 Proven methods to improve marks.

  • Allows child to work independently with a monitored time for each activity.

  • Progress report available for teachers and parents.

  • Five levels of difficulty.

  • Printable colour-in book and bonus puzzles included.

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