How to become an agent

ZENTIUM's Strategic place in the market:

  • We offer the most comprehensive range of South African curriculum  based educational software and products in South Africa;
  • We have been in business for more than15 years;
  • We offer well-informed advice & solutions to our clients;
  • The products and service that we offer are of outstanding quality;
  • On average, our website receives 56 000 hits per month!

Success is determined by the marketing tactics used to introduce new clients to the products and by the number of prospects you drive to the website.

Agents are not required to handle stock as all shipments are done via head office. Agents can focus on their core business: getting sales and letting people know about the products. Potential agents should have some knowledge of the internet and have access to a PC, the internet and email.

Contact us by registering on the Website "Become an Agent" or email to if you would like to represent Zentium in your area.